Alistair McLeish

Based in Switzerland for nearly two decades, Alistair has lived in CEE and the Americas.

As a corporate affairs specialist, he has advised MNCs, private equity and disruptive technology firms, and hedge funds in all aspects of M&A, FDI, crisis management, and internal communications.

A pioneer in emerging market communications, Alistair founded and led Mmd Central & Eastern Europe. As Central & Eastern Europe transitioned from a command economy to a market economy, Mmd laid claim to be the world’s first multi-country emerging market communications specialist with 21 offices and working on over 100 privatizations and purchases of state-owned assets in the 1990s. Mmd CEE also advised many US MNCs in how to develop their region-wide market access and stakeholder communications, and he also helped them develop complex supply chains in a rapidly shifting market environment. Mmd played a significant role new in the legislative change in the region, particularly around the EU early-accession Visegrád countries.

Speyside Group owes much of its DNA and ability to operate in difficult—and often protectionist countries to Alistair and his Mmd years, as he has penetrated barriers in highly regulated sectors and gained the technical license as well as the social license to operate to operate.

Still active in Speyside, Alistair has played a key role in establishing Speyside’s global network and structure and travels, widely advising senior clients and internal teams as well as lecturing and other external roles.

He is a member of Arthur Page, the leading global organization for global COOs and agency leaders.