Brazil takes a step forward towards regulating Lobbying

Brazil takes a step forward towards regulating Lobbying

Brazil takes a step forward towards regulating Lobbying

In November 2022, after decades of slow-paced discussions, the House of Representatives approved bill 1202/2007 to regulate lobbying in Brazil.

The executive branch accelerated the approval when they presented a new bill regarding lobbying in 2021 alongside the endorsement of the House speaker, Congressman Arthur Lira. The bill’s author, Congressman Carlos Zarattini, says that regulating lobbying should be a priority as it is recommended by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), an organization of which Brazil aims to become a member. The approved draft was mostly based on the executive branch proposal from 2021.

Among other points of the bill, the publicity in agendas and meetings with public sector representatives, with information about the participants, the subject matter, and the nature of the representation, is required. Lobbyists must also register with the institutions in which they work to be able to exercise their function. Failure to comply with the rules will be subject to sanctions.

Having been approved by the House of Representatives, the bill must now be analyzed by the Senate. It is still uncertain what level of priority Senators will give to this issue. They can also opt to change the first draft, which would demand a second evaluation by the House.

Despite increasing regulation of lobbying in the country, the bill has the support of sector associations that represent lobbyists. They agree that the bill can bring greater transparency and demystify their activity, often compared with acts of corruption.

If you would like further information on the bill or to discuss the implications, please contact Camila Salvatore, Senior Consultant at Speyside Brazil. or +55 (11) 96168-2301.

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