Crisis management under the microscope of social media in 2023

Crisis management under the microscope of social media in 2023

Crisis management under the microscope of social media in 2023

What is the perfect storm for a company? A crisis which it is not prepared for, that could pick up momentum and engulf a company: from its sales, revenues, and profits to its reputation, making it difficult to recover from.

Is your company ready to face a crisis? The best way to assure that you can handle a crisis is through continuous preparation. It is like riding a bicycle; once you get moving, you can’t stop pedaling. A company can use this momentum to its advantage if it prepares well: training staff, writing manuals, establishing crisis committees, determining each person’s responsibility, and deciding the hierarchy that should be respected during these moments of crisis (which are not necessarily the same as day-to-day).

It is also important to leverage data through social listening. This is an essential part of crisis management where a company is able to stay ahead of what’s going on, and be prepared for worst case scenarios. Being prepared to endure a corporate crisis means being one step ahead of the media, having access to critical information before everyone else, opening legitimate channels with the authorities, and being cooperative especially when the mistake was made by the company itself.

Most importantly, being prepared allows a company to respond as quickly as possible. Timing is of the essence. Every company lives in a social media tribunal, a court constituted by consumers that can cancel the entirety of a company’s legacy in a blink of an eye.

At Speyside, we have a strong team worldwide, with diverse backgrounds and expertise, working with companies of a big array of sectors from energy, renewables, finance, healthcare and infrastructure. We can help your company not only navigate through a crisis, but to reach a state of readiness that will guarantee minimal damage to your image.

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