Speyside Health

Our deep understanding of the complex realities of emerging markets allows us to offer an holistic approach to the challenges faced by healthcare companies. Over the years we have worked with a broad range of actors in the sector, including pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical technology companies; health industry organizations; international organizations; NGOs and Patient Groups; governments and regulators.

Our global team works hand-in-hand with local experts on-the-ground, offering in-depth expertise and experience in developing and implementing strategies to shape policies, build and protect reputations, and improve access to healthcare services and products.

Policy Shaping

Healthcare systems vary widely across the globe. Global ‘one size fits all’ approaches will not work internationally, especially on the ground in low- and middle-income countries. Deep local insight is needed to build impactful policy shaping initiatives.

Our team of experts sits alongside clients at the global and regional HQ level, understanding their unique context and imperatives. We have worked in a diverse range of therapeutic areas and healthcare unmet needs, including clinical trial policy, self-care, diagnostics, biosimilars, pharmaceuticals, MedTech, and beyond. This includes building alliances and providing a secretariat role, as well as actively engage in the policy-making processes. Our services include:

  • Deep research and analytics
  • Contextual analysis of the local healthcare landscape
  • Strategic advice to mitigate risks
  • Identifying opportunities and shape them in combination with existing unmet needs.
  • Agenda setting & multistakeholder coalition building
  • Convening expert & patient forums to build consensus and recommendations
  • Designing national and regional-level plans and policy proposals to tackle key healthcare burdens

Corporate Affairs

We have a unique offer that:

  • Enables our clients to comprehend risks and unlock opportunities for their business and how to manage them.
  • Helps healthcare companies build and manage their profile in key therapeutic areas and position them not only as responsible corporate citizens but also as an ally to communities to improve their overall quality of life.
  • Anticipates and manages reputational issues around key matters and develop strategies, plans, and tactics to prepare for any given scenario and adapt to changes.
For some clients, our work starts at a corporate level to develop the platforms and architecture for corporate reputation initiatives. For other clients, we develop targeted initiatives towards different local stakeholder groups, including the medical community, payers, media, and the general public.

Shaping the environment for Market Access

Access to healthcare is a key challenge worldwide, especially in a scenario of budget restraint and increased level of chronic conditions. Our added value work is connecting the dots among multiple stakeholders from the healthcare system to ensure patients can access diagnostics, medicines, and services.

This includes understanding policy, treatment guidelines, regulatory approvals, and reimbursement processes to remove barriers that may prevent access and contribute to a positive change in the existing healthcare landscape. We aim to develop value stories and compelling evidence, identify innovative commercial models to support accelerated access, and develop integrated plans to overcome challenges, including stakeholder engagement strategies and agenda setting.

Advocacy and Disease Awareness campaigns

Global healthcare companies increasingly need to boost disease awareness and drive behavioural change to tackle critical public health issues. We are highly experienced in crafting and delivering advocacy and disease awareness programs. This includes developing compelling, locally relevant content that wins hearts and minds. Our teams have vast experience tailoring and adapting global campaigns to regional and local realities, assuring that they resonate with local audiences.

Capacity Building

Many global healthcare companies have recently formed policy and corporate affairs teams, particularly in emerging markets or recently entered markets. Speyside has experience training teams on policy, advocacy, and the healthcare policy and access context for local and regional markets. Additionally, we provide ad-hoc training and planning sessions for significant events such as elections or health reforms.

In many emerging markets, patient advocacy groups (PAGs) are vital to ensuring adequate and timely treatment and access for patients. However, many PAGs need more resources and adequate advocacy and policy capabilities to reach their advocacy and social support goals. We at Speyside work with PAGs to strengthen their communication, advocacy, and project management capabilities.