SPEYSIDE undertakes to guarantee the confidentiality and privacy in the collection and processing of the personal data of its Clients and Users, fulfilling its obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation (which can be found at the following link), having for this purpose developed the present Privacy Policy.
SPEYSIDE has defined, for the purposes of the present Privacy Policy, as:

  • Client: any entity that acquires our services.
  • User: visitor to our website and microsites and / or subscriber of our mailing list.

1 – Collection, storage, use and processing of personal data

SPEYSIDE is the responsible entity for collecting and processing the personal data of its Clients and Users, deciding the categories of each piece of data collected, its treatment and the purposes that will be given to it.
All procedures performed in an automated and non-automated way that allow the collection, organization, storage, modification and transfer of personal data will be considered as “processing of personal data”.

1.1 – Personal data collection and processing

SPEYSIDE uses different methods of collecting and processing information and personal data, namely:
a) Information provided to SPEYSIDE by the data owner:

  • When an entity becomes our Client and signs any Agreement in relation hiring or potentially hiring our services.
  • When a User subscribes to our mailing list.
  • When a Client or User contacts SPEYSIDE and shares his/her/its personal information, including name, address, e-mail address, fax number and / or telephone number.

b) Information collected through the navigation data on SPEYSIDE’s websites:

  • SPEYSIDE may collect information from a User through data storage devices as they browse our site and microsites (please read section 4 – COOKIE POLICY).

c) Information obtained by third parties:

  • SPEYSIDE may use third-party information (through Google Analytics, LinkedIn Analytics, etc.) to develop reports and measure the effectiveness of its website’s and microsites’ information and its presence on social platforms.

1.2 – Purposes of personal data processing

The processing of our Clients’ and Users’ personal data is intended for the following purposes:

    • Signing of a contract between an entity and SPEYSIDE.
    • Relationship management with Clients and potential Clients.
    • Providing Clients and Users with informational and promotional actions about SPEYSIDE.
    • Improve the navigation in our website and microsites and customize the Client and User experience.

1.3 – Personal data storage and retention

The time period for the storage and preservation of the personal data of SPEYSIDE’s Clients and Users varies according to its purpose.

The personal data of our site’s and microsites’ Users will be preserved for as long as they remain active on our web pages and digital platforms and are erased with the end of that activity.

The personal data provided to us for the purposes of subscribing to our mailing list will be stored until the end of the subscription. In this case, our Users can cancel at any moment the subscription of the alerts through the “unsubscribe” option foreseen in the newsletters.

The storage time for Clients’ data and other specific data to be kept in order to comply with the legal obligations of SPEYSIDE may be extended for a maximum period of up to 10 years, after which time they will be eliminated.

2 – Sharing of personal data and information to third parties

SPEYSIDE ensures that the personal data of its Clients and Users will not be provided, sold or disclosed to third parties in any context, unless there is a request from the Client or User, and always with his/her/its express consent, for a specific purpose or intention.

3 – Data security measures

The personal data will only be collected after SPEYSIDE obtains the express consent of its Clients and Users, and it will be treated safely and in accordance with the current legislation, namely through the storage in a secure and protected database, never being used for any purpose other than that for which the consent was obtained.
However, the use of the Internet entails risks, and may result in fraudulent situations or computer attacks by third parties, even though SPEYSIDE uses all means at its disposal to avoid such situations. Whenever there is a breach, loss or violation of personal data that is likely to pose a significant risk to the rights and freedoms of its Clients and Users, SPEYSIDE will:

      • Notify the control authorities as soon as possible;
      • Communicate the situation in a timely manner to the owner(s) of the data concerned.

4 – Cookie policy

SPEYSIDE will use data storage devices, also known as “cookies”, only when the User gives his/her/its prior consent, as indicated in the browser pop-up window when he/she/it accesses our website and microsites for the first time.
Our Users may take notice of the other terms and conditions of SPEYSIDE’s Cookies Policy in the following link: Cookie Policy SPEYSIDE also informs that it does not sell any information obtained through cookies and other data storage mechanisms.

4.1 – Links to other websites

The links on SPEYSIDE’s website, microsites and social platforms can lead to other web pages. SPEYSIDE does not take any responsibility, approve or endorse the content of these websites, nor other sites linked to or referred to in them.

5 – Clientes and users (ARCO) rights

Our Clients and Users may, whenever they wish, exercise their “ARCO Rights” (Rights to Access, Rectify, Cancel and Oppose) in the legally established terms and, for this purpose, send an email to or a letter to our address (Hong Kong address?), mentioning:

      • The full name of the data subject (also known as data owner) and a telephone number, address, e-mail address or other means to be notified of a response to your request.
      • A clear and correct description of the personal data to be rectified or modified and / or the reasons why you intend to exercise any of the “ARCO Rights”.
      • Any element or document that allows the location of your personal data (non- mandatory requirement).
      • In the case of a request for rectification of personal data, the owner must indicate the modifications to be made and send documentation that supports his request.


     reserves the right to readjust or modify this Privacy Policy, whenever this is justified. Therefore, we recommend the periodic consultation of this text.