Our team –combining on-the-ground healthcare experts (medical professionals, policymakers, patient advocates, and healthcare journalists) and experienced market access and government relations professionals– helps companies and organizations to ethically, transparently, and effectively engage in policy-shaping, education and awareness, and market access.     Since the mid-1990s we have supported all of the current top ten global pharma companies with focused strategy and outreach amongst governments, HCPs and PAGs, trade associations, international organisations, and media, in emerging markets worldwide.

Client experience includes:


Disruptive Digital Technology

We work with many high-growth digital disruptive players. Some of this work has been at an overall corporate level on corporate affairs and public policy structure & strategy. For many others it has been driven by growth into new markets: helping them understand the landscape, build stakeholder relations, manage risk and secure technical and social license to operate.

Client experience includes:


Agribusiness, Food and Drink

We have worked extensively from farm to fork issues ranging from land use and agricultural inputs, to seed and crop protection technologies and regulation around product formulation, packaging, labelling, marketing & sales. We also have significant and wide-ranging experience in the alcoholic beverages sector, providing support to clients on trade, tariffs and tax.

Client experience includes:

Natural Resources, Energy, Infrastructure & Power

Our early work focused on mining and energy, helping some of the leading metals, minerals, oil & gas companies to secure technical and social license to operate around large-scale investments. Today we have a strong focus on renewable energy generation and transmission; working at an overall corporate, policy and regulatory level as well as down locally at a project level.

Client experience includes:

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Public Sector:

We have a long heritage in providing public sector consultancy support dating back to the 1990s in Central and Eastern Europe where we supported multiple governments on issues connected to foreign direct investment.

Today, our public sector work includes:

 • Work for international organizations, governments, and sovereign wealth funds

 • Advising and supporting on the formulation of public  policy and evaluating effectiveness

 • Developing & implementing issue-specific communications and stakeholder relations campaigns

 • Capacity building around communications and public affairs